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Happy face finger says: Blah blah...CAT VIDEOS...blah blah blah. Sad face finger thinks: Not acceptable. ResNet Help Clinic--here I come. ResNet Tip #1301: Bring an ethernet cable

ResNet Help Clinics

Everyone loves a good cat video, but with your own ResNet connection, you could be streaming Netflix instead! Get help setting up your ResNet connection at a Help Clinic in your area.

Finding a clinic
Search for a clinic by its location or date in the ResNet Help Clinics section below.

ResNet Setup

For a smoother setup process, ResNet strongly recommends using a wired connection when you connect to ResNet for the first time.

Need an Ethernet cable?
No worries! You can pick one up for less than $10 from the TechZone Sales Center (2nd floor of the Bone Student Center).


ResNet provides high speed Internet and tech support to all students living in the residence halls at Illinois State.

Get Connected.

The Get Connected page provides you with a quickstart guide for connecting to ResNet for the first time. You'll also find troubleshooting resources for those with a more complex setup, and Support Center contact info for those times when you just can't get things working.

Stay Connected.

Find out how to request phone, walk-up, or in-room support, learn about P2P exceptions and connecting your game console, or even discover how you can become part of the ResNet team—whether you're a tech n00b or a tech ninja, you'll find the resources and support you need on the Stay Connected page!

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ResNet Help Clinics

ResNet hosts several of these informal, come-when-you-can/leave-when-you-want clinics for your convenience. Each clinic location will have knowledgeable ResNet, Technology Support Center, or TechZone staff members ready to help you Get Connected.

Due to space constraints, we will not be holding ResNet clinics for Fall 2021. Instead, please visit the TechZone Service Center on the first floor of the Bone Student Center or call the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 for help.

Need Help?

Not sure which clinic to attend? Looking for help connecting to ResNet, but clinics have ended for the semester? Check out the Get Connected section of the ResNet website, or contact the Support Center.

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