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ResNet, in partnership with the Technology Support Center and University Housing provides high-speed Internet and tech support to all residence hall students.

Our Residential Computer Consultants (RCCs) are students just like you, and they know how tough it can be to juggle classes, work, and a personal life, so they'll work with you to schedule an appointment that fits into your day, and they can even meet with you in your residence hall room!

How to use this page

You may find that you don't always need an RCC to fix your problem. In the tabs below, you'll find resources (or solutions) for some of the more common issues we see in the residence halls.

You might want to start with the "Help Overview" tab, where you'll find instructions using the tabs, including how to bookmark or share a link to a particularly helpful topic.


Help Overview

Help Overview

Sometimes technology is fussy. You tell it to do something, and it ignores you. You expect it to "play nicely" with your new hard drive, and it refuses. We feel your pain.

Listed on the left are some of the technology problems our RCCs run into every day, plus a few other topics we get a lot of questions about. For each topic, you'll find quick fixes (if one exists) and links to other resources that might help.

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Bookmarking a Topic

Don't you hate it when your computer has the same problem its had a thousand times before, but you can never remember what you did to fix it? Us, too! If we've covered one of those problems on this page, you might want to bookmark it...just in case the problem comes back. Here's how:

  • Inside each tab you'll find a small "Bookmark" button (even this one!).
  • Right click on the button and choose "Copy link address"
  • Paste the link in your browser's address bar and hit "Enter"
  • Choose the "Bookmark this Page" option in your browser's "Bookmarks" menu.

Sharing a Topic

  • Click on the small "Bookmark" button in the tab/topic you'd like to share.
  • Find the "Share This" icon near the top left part of the webpage (see example)
  • Choose a service for sharing the link (e.g. Email, Twitter, etc.)

Requesting an RCC

Request an RCC

If you're having computer problems, please call the Technology Support Center at 438-4357. They'll try to assist you over the phone.

If the Support Center staff is unable to solve your problem over the phone, they'll have a Residential Computer Consultant (RCC) contact you to set up an appointment.


My Ethernet Jack is Broken

Broken Ethernet Jacks

If the Ethernet jack in your room is physically broken, please report the issue at If your Ethernet jack appears to be physically okay, but isn't working, see the Requesting an RCC tab.


Connecting My Game Console

Connecting Game Consoles

Students living in the residence halls can connect game consoles to ResNet, but only wired ResNet ports can be used with game consoles (not wireless). Xbox One and PlayStation 4 support wired connections. Connecting a Nintendo Wii or Wii U to ResNet requires a USB LAN adapter.

Learn More


Getting Access to Peer-to-Peer

Peer-to-Peer Access

Peer-to-peer traffic is blocked on the campus network. For more information, including how to request access to peer-to-peer, please see Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing blocked on campus.


Becoming an RCC

Become an RCC

ResNet jobs are posted to the University jobs website. Search for "Residential Computer Consultant" or "TechZone Associate."

Residential Computer Consultants (RCCs) are ResNet staff who live in the residence halls—much like RAs—to help students with computer problems. They can help you with solving software problems, resolving Internet connection issues, removing viruses and troubleshooting software. Service from RCCs is included as a part of room and board for no additional cost.

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